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Do you have radon in your home? The only way to know is by having your house tested by a C-NRPP certified measurement professional. We will work with you the homeowner to accurately deploy the most appropriate device for the required test according to the Health Canada protocols.

Certified Radon Measurement Professionals conduct all tests, they are certified by C-NRPP (Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program) and adhere to the strict guidelines set out by Health Canada. We use C-NRPP approved equipment to conduct all tests, all equipment is calibrated yearly and are part of a quality control quality assurance plan.

Too Much Radon

Testing Procedure

In most cases we will come to your home, sit down and discuss the full testing procedure with you, deploy the device for the required amount of time set out by the Health Canada Guideline. After the required test period we will come back, retrieve the device, we will interpret the test results and provide you with a detailed report within 24 hours.

For those living outside the City of Lethbridge we do offer a Do-it-yourself-kit

Please contact us to discuss the different options available for the home test.

2 -7 days for a short-term test

  • Short term tests are generally done for real estate transactions when a more rapid indication of the radon concentrations may be required.
  • Short term tests are also available for those homeowners that want a snap shot of what their radon levels are at time of testing.
  • After mitigation a short-term test will be conducted to verify that the radon concentrations are down.

Short term measurements should always be part of a two-step process, a short-term test and then a long-term follow up measurement. C-NRPP and Health Canada strongly recommend that any and all short-term radon measurements be followed up with a long-term radon measurement. A single short-term measurement is not a sufficient basis for a decision to mitigate. In this case a follow-up measurement is always necessary for mitigation decision-making regardless of the initial measurement result.

91+ days for a long-term test

Radon levels in a home or building can vary significantly over time. In fact, it is not uncommon to see radon levels in a home change by a factor of 2 to 3 over a 1-day period and variations from season to season can be even larger. The highest radon levels are usually observed during winter months. As a result, a long-term measurement period will give a much better indication of the annual average radon concentration than measurements of shorter duration. Long-term measurements are typically 3 to 12 months in duration. During this type of measurement, there are no requirements for the occupants to change their life-style once the measurement devices have been put in place. Health Canada recommends that the radon test performed in a home or public building be a long-term measurement. Health Canada does not recommend a test of duration less than 1 month, a minimum of 3 months is recommended and 12 months is optimum.

Real Estate

Buying a home may be the largest investment you will make in a lifetime. With a home inspection you are making sure the house is structurally sound, when conducting a radon test you are ensuring you are moving your family into a safe environment free of high levels of radon.

A short-term test is an indication of the radon levels only during the time the test was conducted. Radon levels can change drastically depending on many factors; changes in weather, indoor ventilation, and your everyday house use patterns. Due to the length of the test and the different conditions that can affect the radon concentrations over a short period there are strict guidelines that Health Canada has set forth so that the test can be conducted as accurately as possible. Our C-NRPP certified technicians conducting the test will ensure these conditions are met.

All short-term real estate transactions:

  • Minimum 48 hours up to 7 days
  • Specialized test equipment to monitor any type of tampering during the test period
  • Closed house conditions as required by the Heath Canada protocols.
  • Long term test after purchase of home to validate the results of the short-term test
  • Full detailed report of the short-term test with recommendations of whether mitigation shall be pursued or not.
  • We will identify any potential radon problems and provide quote to have the radon problem rectified.
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We provide many different options to fit any style of commercial building, whether it be a small strip mall, a 15 story office building, school or a large Health care facility, we have the certified equipment to test any size of building. Due to the large complex HVAC systems and the erratic occupancy patterns, testing in these buildings become much more involved than a standard single-family dwelling. Our C-NRPP certified technicians will complete a full assessment of the building taking into account all scenarios so that deployment of each test device will be placed in accordance to Health Canada protocols.

Our certified radon testing services are provided by a Radon Measurement Professional certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP). Our rigorous quality assurance program ensures that our equipment is calibrated and performance tested for reliable and accurate results.

Please call us or contact us to establish a certified radon testing solution suitable for you.


Child Care Facility Testing

Robyn Luff, the NDP MLA for Calgary-East, introduced a private member’s bill November 14, 2017, passed December 2017 - The Radon Awareness and Testing Act Bill 209 that would require the government to develop educational materials and a public awareness campaign around the dangers of radon gas.

Radon Gone Ltd. can provide services to test for radon in your facility. We will complete a full assessment before recommendations on the testing of your facility. We will conduct all long-term tests in accordance with the strict guidelines set forth by the Health Canada protocols. All tests will be conducted by fully certified C-NRPP Radon Measurement Professionals. Once tests are complete after the minimum of 91 days we will return to your facility and retrieve all test devices. Upon completing analysis of test devices, we will provide a complete written report of the test results within 24 hours with recommendations of whether mitigation shall be pursued or not.

Contact us to discuss what options are available to test your childcare facility.

Child Care Facility

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